Our sale teams are highly experienced in customer relationship management. They are well-trained with best-in-class selling skill to deliver promise.

Extensive and wide customer network are established which enable the promoted products and brands reach in every touch points to contact the target shoppers in trade.

Over 1000 customers’ coverage includes

  • Open Trade Market: Over 1000 local pharmacies and drug stores
  • Modern Trade Market: Supermarkets and pharmacies chains
  • Houseware product chains
  • Cosmetic chains
  • Department stores
  • Baby product shops
  • Hotels, newspaper stands, E-commerce retailers etc

Professional services are:

  • Selling & Merchandising
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Services: For retailers and after-sales service for end-consumers
  • Wholesale Relationship Management
  • Key Account and Modern Chains Management
  • Bills and Receivables

Applied information technology to increase sales team's productivity, tracking customer offtake and effectively gather field information.

  • IPad and intranet application - increase order accuracy; enhance customer service and speed up ordering process
  • A fully integrated ERP system - allows managements and key strategic partners to access sales and inventory information to grasp every sales opportunity.
Our specialist are experienced in working with global and local brand owners in trade marketing design and implementation to offer more than supply chains solutions.

Professional services are:

  • Trade Marketing Management
  • Customer Loyalty Campaign
  • Shopper Attraction Promotion
  • Point-of-Sales Materials and Advertisement Management
  • Conduct sales forecast with market experience and sense

Provide timely and insightful market data analysis to facilitate our partners for future planning.

Professional warehousing equipment and systems are applied to provide one-stop shop supply chain services for our partners.

Warehousing management system

  • Bar code logistics system: Apply bar code technology to monitor inventory status effectively.

Professional services are:

  • Warehousing
  • Comply 2-days delivery order service
  • Full Container handling
  • Small-scale repackaging and labelling service
  • Consignment stock management